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About - Milwood Magnet School produces successful students with our unique Biotechnology curriculum.

  • Magnet Theme - Magnet schools are the most widespread form of public school of choice in the country.
    • Curriculum Overview - Milwood Magnet School's unique curriculum surrounds Biotechnology.
    • Curriculum Framework - Milwood Magnet School offer a unique biotechnology curriculum.
      • 6th Grade - Milwood Magnet School Center for Math, Science, and Technology's 6th Grade Biotechnology curriculum is based on six units.
      • 7th Grade - Milwood Magnet School Center for Math, Science, and Technology's 7th Grade Biotechnology curriculum is based on six units.
      • 8th Grade - Milwood Magnet School Center for Math, Science, and Technology's 8th Grade Biotechnology curriculum is based on six units.
    • Biotechnology Murals -
  • Facilities - Milwood Magnet School has state-of-the-art facilities that accelerate and enhance students' education.
  • KPS District Policies - Kalamazoo Public School Superintendent Dr Michael Rice unveiled the KPS Strategic Planning Expectations.
    • Milwood Policies - One of Milwood Magnet School's Policies include regulations for school visitors and physical education uniforms.
    • Milwood Reports - Milwood Magnet School reports include the MEAP Report, School Improvement Report, Audits, and the Annual Report.
  • Kalamazoo Promise - Students at Milwood Magnet School can receive paid college tuition through the Kalamazoo Promise, a nationally recognized innovative scholarship program offered to Kalamazoo Public School students.
  • Schedule - Milwood Magnet School's schedule aims to provide ample time in each class to cover all of the subjects that we have to offer.

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Community - Milwood Magnet School enjoys the amazing opportunities volunteerism and community partnerships provide for our students.

  • Get Involved - Students, staff, parents, and community members are invited to participate in many activities at Milwood Magnet School.
  • Community Partnerships - Milwood Magnet School's partners offer mentors, education, interns, counseling, health assistance, community service opportunities, and volunteers.

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