Biotechnology Thematic Curriculum

“Biotechnology: Creating solutions for myself, my community, and my world.”

Milwood Magnet School's Biotechnology Curriculum is centered on four convictions:

  1. All students can learn biotechnology.
  2. Diversity and innovation enriches all classrooms.
  3. Biotechnology concepts and skills are important for students to know.
  4. Learning about biotechnology helps students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills for their economic, civic and personal lives.

Technological Innovations

Students use and create new technology solutions to make life easier, effective and more efficient (E3) in the global society.

Global Food Chain

Students investigate the issues of quality, accessibility, preservation and production of food for human consumption.

Alternative Energy

Students study the economic and social issues that affect the management, production and use of traditional and new forms of energy to createsustainable power systems.

Medical Biotechnology

Students research medical practices and advancements in the areas of disease prevention and treatment, heredity, fitness, and stem cell use to improve the quality of life for all.

Environmental Biotechnology

Students learn to use organisms, natural resources and new technologies to address ecological and environmental issues.

Sustainable Systems

Students study the effect of the human impact on the environment and its natural resource3s, and are challenged to create and evaluate sustainable solutions

Supporting Documents
Biotechnology Curriculum Framework
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